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Company Profile

Suzhou Yinke Electronics Co., Ltd

Suzhou Yinke Electronics Co., Ltd is located in Beiqiao Town, Xiangcheng Economic-technological Development Area, Suhou. Yinke is founded in 2005, and now become the recognized National High-tech Enterprise with the registered capital of RMB 105.77339911 million. There's a team of high-quality technology research and development and quality control. Yinke owns the certificates of ISO14001, ISO9001, QC080000, iatf16949, UL and others. Persisting in the development policy of "Opening, cooperating and win-win", Yinke has established an operational mechanism with market demand as the guide, achievement transformation as the goal, scientific and technological innovation as the drive, industrial service as the leader and market-oriented operation as the core. With all these methods, the company has introduced and absorbed advanced technologies at home and abroad, combined with years of independent innovation, accumulated rich production experience, actively carried out cooperation and exchange with domestic famous universities and scientific research institutes, and strive to develop into a digital private high-tech enterprise.

There are four factories with an area of 45, 000 square meters, with a total of nearly 1000 employees and more than 100 managment team members. 80% of managment team with a college degree or above. Also there're more than 100 professional engineering, technology and R & D personnels.Through the introduction of high-end technical talents and internal training, the technical level of the company has a great-leap-forward. So far, the experienced development team has won a number of invention patents. The company will increase investment in logistics robot, AI vision, intelligent warehouse, intelligent manufacturing and automation R & D center, and set up joint innovation center with Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, Siemens, ARM and many other international leading companies to establish strategic cooperation relations, which is committed to the intellectualization, automation technology and supporting products are also actively distributing and exporting technical solutions to relevant upstream and downstream industrial chains to assist them in optimizing process flow and improving the level of intelligence and automation.

Yinke is mainly engaged in designing, processing, production and sales of flexible circuit boards and precision components related  to battery pack in 3C consumer field. Yinke a leading enterprise in this subdivision field; At the same time, the company's products also cover the designing and processing of small power battery packs, and the designing and processing of precision accessories related to automotive new energy batteries; Yinke also sets up the battery BMS safety protection system design center and SMT Engineering Center; End customers are including the manufacturers of domestic and foreign mobile phones, computers, digital brand companies and automobile.

Empirical concept

Strength Makes High Quality

Quality first: continuous improvement with mature technology to establish a good reputation for customers.

Technical support: nurture employees, constantly pursue innovation, and make the product technology surpass the peers.

Lower cost: with the excellent management system, eliminate waste and keep lower production cost.

Take care of employees: provide good welfare and working environment, make employees work happily, in order to improve efficiency.

Meet customers: quality guarantee, technical guarantee, price advantage and high-quality service.

Compliance with laws and regulations and prevention of pollution: strictly abide by relevant laws, regulations and other relevant requirements, consider environmental problems in advance before the plan and implementation of new investment, production and management activities, and conduct environmental impact assessment to prevent environmental pollution.

Resource conservation and waste reduction: effectively utilize resources, reduce waste, promote recycling, effectively save energy, and constantly strive to reduce the negative impact of enterprise activities on the environment.

Full participation and continuous improvement

Train staff in environmental awareness, knowledge and skills, encourage them to actively participate in environmental protection activities, improve the environmental management system, and accelerate technology and managment activities that help to protect the environment. Satisfy customer requirements and increase market share; Establish a good corporate social image and ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise.