Company Profile

Quality Policy

With zero defect quality as the goal, it has become the priority of customers.

Through the continuous improvement of the quality of the well-known employees at all levels of the enterprise, YKE makes great efforts every day, Constantly improve and promote the self-management and incentive system of employees to truly realize the satisfaction of customers with Yinke products And trust. Continuously improve the quality of employees by promoting their self-management system;

By improving the ability of employees and promoting self-management system, Yinke continues to develop the overall strength of the company. Yinke devotes itself to the continuous development of new products and technologies to meet the needs of customers. Yinke's on new products R & D aims to meet the needs of the future market and form and develop the "digital enterprise" culture.

In order to meet the challenges of the future market, Yinke promotes Yinke by establishing and improving a more effective enterprise digital system Corporate culture, change the business model and pay more attention to the needs of customers. Yinke aims to continuously meet the needs of customers through careful market research and customer-centered service Concept, and constantly develop high-quality products that meet the needs of customers, so as to achieve the recognition of Yinke products by customers and the recognition of the market Improvement of Yinke's awareness.