With the rising trend of VR, what is the development trend of the industry?


VR technology, also known as virtual reality technology, is a new practical technology developed since the new century. Relying on computer, electronic information and simulation technology, it can simulate the virtual environment and create an immersive experience for people, which is useful in many fields. In recent years, with the continuous progress of technology development and the release of intelligent demand, VR technology is attracting more and more attention and favor.

Around the world, many enterprises have begun to enter the VR field one after another. For example, apple is accelerating the production of relevant hardware products, and iqiyi is also building the VR ecology. At the same time, recently, byte beat also spent 9 billion yuan to acquire the startup Pico and enter the VR field on a large scale. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, China has become an important virtual reality terminal product manufacturer, and the market scale is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan in the future.

In this context, what is the development direction and trend of VR in China? Combined with the achievements and challenges in the development of VR in China, the intelligent manufacturing network believes that the development of VR in China will mainly focus on the following aspects in the future.

The first point is that the development will focus on hardware. For a long time, Chinese enterprises have paid great attention to the application end market and have advantages in product landing. On this basis, at present, domestic virtual reality enterprises are also mainly concentrated in the field of hardware, including some new technology companies, which are stepping up efforts to develop virtual reality products, including iqiyi and other enterprises mentioned above.

As the prospect of the domestic virtual reality industry becomes clearer and more and more enterprises enter the market, it can be expected that the industry competition will further intensify, and all parties will compete fiercely in the hardware field, which may trigger a new round of reshuffle in the virtual reality industry.

Secondly, the development of virtual reality will pay more attention to the integration with traditional industries. Under the trend of the new generation of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is inevitable, which just provides an opportunity for virtual reality technology to "show its strength". At present, virtual reality products should mainly focus on the fields of game entertainment, health and leisure. In fact, virtual reality also has more diversified application opportunities in traditional industries such as medical treatment, education, transportation, agriculture and manufacturing.

At the same time, the development of virtual reality technology will further focus on content production. At this stage, virtual reality products have no problems in design, texture and fashion, but there is still a large gap in content production and depth. For the vast number of consumers of virtual reality end products, the diversity of content and the comfort of experience are very key, which urges the development to move towards high-quality content. Therefore, while promoting product landing and market expansion, players from all sides must work hard on content if they want to occupy an advantageous competitive position.

In addition, the integration with intelligent communication technology represented by 5g is also the key trend of future development. The application of virtual reality terminal is closely related to network and communication. Industry experts believe that the development and commercialization of 5g network will form a good situation for virtual reality, augmented reality and other industries. For the virtual reality industry, actively exploring "VR + 5g" will bring great benefits to product R & D, market expansion and experience upgrading. Therefore, leveraging 5g network will become the inevitable choice of the domestic virtual reality industry.

In 2021, China's 5g construction has achieved fruitful results. On the one hand, the number of domestic 5g base stations has reached 960000 and 5g end users have exceeded 300 million person times, which have laid a good foundation for the popularization and development of VR. It can be predicted that with the continuous high-speed development of 5g in China and the continuous deepening of 5g application exploration, the VR industry will soon usher in its own spring!

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