Is ar artificial intelligence?


For AR practitioners, the ideal state is to replace smart phones with smarter ar terminals. Therefore, for users, the contact and use of AR is first affected by content, followed by terminals. If the AR industry chain is roughly divided, it includes technology providers, smart terminal R & D companies and AR content providers. Among them, AR equipment providers inevitably pay attention to hardware technology, such as the underlying chip, battery, optical lens, etc., as well as the performance optimization of the hardware itself, while content providers prefer to optimize the content and performance based on the existing technology. Therefore, we can say that AR technology providers, or ar companies that have made some achievements in the research and development of underlying algorithms, are artificial intelligence companies.

For companies, especially start-ups, the underlying technology will be transformed into mature products or services, which may be UAVs, AR intelligent terminals, robots, etc., or industry solutions to achieve commercial purposes. This has become the expectation and requirement of the media, enterprises and the public for AI enterprises after the boiling sound. Recently, the book "artificial intelligence wave: 100 cutting-edge AI applications for science and technology to change life" published by the artificial intelligence industry development alliance (AIIa) will be released to the public. It includes the cutting-edge achievements of current giant companies and start-ups in commercialization, and directly reflects the current main commercialization direction of AI.

As a technology driven business field, whether AR or most other directions of artificial intelligence, the technology is still a long way from being fully mature. While the whole industrial chain is gradually prosperous and paying attention to the realization of commercialization, more companies and institutions are also needed to continuously expand the technology boundary, establish core competitiveness and let the industry explode greater value and potential, In the AI era, overtaking on Chinese curves can be expected.

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